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Moulin Bernier was born from the idea of our founder, Eugene J. Morgan to create a space dedicated to all those sports stars who have left Canada amazed. Those sports stars who, thanks to their perseverance and discipline, have made Canada one of the world’s sporting powerhouses.

The main objective of this online magazine is to let people around the world know about the legacy these athletes have left in the country.

Being an athlete requires perseverance, discipline, hard training, and a lot of responsibility. These are factors that not everyone is willing to fulfill. This is why athletes are people who inspire us to be better. The athletic lifestyle is a daily commitment that helps us create positive things.

The life of sportsmen and women is a perfect summary of entrepreneurship. Dreams and passion plus sacrifices, hits, and many defeats chisel the athletic spirit and also the entrepreneurial one.

For most of us, our work, family, and personal commitments mean that we cannot dedicate as many hours to our sports goal as a world champion would.

However, we can adapt to the mentality of an athlete during the time we spend on our training. Concentration and discipline will give us encouraging results. The pride we feel after achieving a better personal brand as a result of our efforts is something, we can all experience.

This is why Canadian athletes inspire us. Moulin Bernier is a tribute to all of them and to those to come.